Mary Blain working on an original watercolor painting.
The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to headline many of this country's premier artists and craftsmen. Our aim is to showcase their talent, artistic vision, and varied interpretations of the diverse landscapes and wildlife of the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem & beyond. Each artist has a story to tell in his or her unique and passionate way. Please join them on their creative journeys as they explore the exciting realms of fine arts and crafts.
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Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is one of America's most famous photographers who is widely recognized for his outstanding black and white photos...

Ruth Apter

Artist Ruth Apter's creative endeavors are inspired by Inuit carvings and southwest Native American fetishes.

Historic Artists

Phillip Augustin

Strong roots in the classic West Coast style has given Philip Augustin a mastery of the technical craft of Black...

Robert Bateman

Considered by many to be the best contemporary wildlife artist, Robert Bateman's work is sure to captivate all who are...

Jim Bechtel

Jim Bechtel's photographs capture the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park and Montana.

Carl Brenders

Wildlife artist Carl Brenders is considered by many art collectors as the "Master of Detail"
Monte Dolack

Monte Dolack

Monte Dolack is a Montana-born artist with a passion for designing artwork that reflects his intense environmental concerns.  

Nancy Glazier

Nancy Glazier is a world renowned artist who's medium of choice is oil.

Carter Gowl

Please note:  Carter Gowl's photography is no longer available through the Yellowstone Gallery.  You may purchase his works through

F.J. and J.E. Haynes

Frank J. Haynes (1853 - 1952) and his son, Jack Ellis Haynes (1884 - 1962) are considered to be...

King Kuka

King Kuka's unique style of painting and sculpting captures the spirituality of his rich Native American, Blackfeet heritage.
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