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’Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone’, by Albert Bierstadt
The rich & varied history of Yellowstone National Park has been expressed artistically since 1872 when it was established as America's, and the world's, First National Park. Since that time artists and craftsmen have creatively captured its charm and beauty in such diverse media as colorful prints, posters, engravings, coins, beautifully illustrated playing cards, and souvenirs of all sorts.

Now, over 125 years have passed, and collectors world-wide covet these early expressions from the ubiquitous postcard to the simple matchbook. Renowned artists & photographers such as Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran, William Henry Jackson, and F.J. Haynes – now all deceased – have left their indelible marks on these treasures. To appreciate their artistry, take a closer look at the grandeur of Yellowstone through their eyes and capture a moment of Yellowstone History.

The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to be able to offer some of these rare original specimens and reproductions of Yellowstone's bygone days.

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The rich & varied history of Yellowstone National Park has been expressed in different media since 1872 when it was...

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