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Introducing C. Thomas Hoff, Photographer

Yellowstone Dust Storm
During any one day in Yellowstone National Park, numerous events take place that are truly astounding but only occasionally captured by the diligent eye of a watchful photographer or artist.

C. Thomas Hoff would not be the first to admit that often times, being in the right place at the right time, and being ready for that special moment is all it takes (perhaps that plus a lot of luck and of course, the right conditions that contribute to an outstanding photograph: light and composition.)

The Yellowstone Gallery is pleased to welcome Chris
The Chase
and to introduce him to our audience. We have chosen only two of Chris' photos for your viewing - but will be adding more soon.

For the time being, "The Chase" and "Yellowstone Dust Storm" are sure to give you an appreciation of Chris' talent and watchful eye.

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