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New Nancy Glazier Limited Edition Prints Released!

Morning, Yellowstone Elk
Wonderful News! After a four-year hiatus, we are excited to announce that one of this country's premier wildlife artists, Nancy Glazier, has released "Eye of the Storm", Yellowstone Bison and "Morning", Yellowstone Elk. As you examine the beauty of these two outstanding works you'll surely agree that she's back stronger than ever.

These superb works are available as either a limited edition print on paper as well as a canvas giclee. We expect a strong interest and brisk sales of these works, and supplies are limited. So please call us or order from our web site if you are interested. Like most of Nancy Glazier's works we expect a quick sell-out. So please keep that in mind and purchase your print or giclee soon while they are still at issue prices. At present we have some very low edition print numbers.

"Morning", Yellowstone Elk depicts Nancy's favorite country (the northwest & Yellowstone National Park), favorite season (fall), and favorite time of day (morning)...so, if a viewer feels the energy of 'Morning', that's where it comes from. The artist's prime focus is on LIGHT and atmosphere, with a desire to bring the animals in her paintings to vivid life, with particular interest in
Eye of the Storm - Yellowstone Bison
relationships and interactions.

Bison (or buffalo) are also one of Nancy Glazier's favorite subjects. Having spent several years in Montana, she is very familiar with their ways and habitat. (That knowledge is true to all the animals she paints.) Buffalo are strong, powerful animals which require many paint textures in their coats, making them interesting for her to re-create. "Eye of the Storm" combines Glazier's amazing use of subtle color with strong light. She skillfully depicts the tension of a buffalo bull courting a cow.

The Yellowstone Gallery enthusiastically welcomes Nancy Glazier back to her place of prominence among the best of America's premier wildlife artists working today.

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