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Happy New Year Everyone & Good Luck to Barack Obama on Inauguration Day

Greetings and a Happy & Hopeful 2009  to Everyone.  We're now into the new year, and we are all faced with the same challenges & shared hopeful visions for 2009. 

Here at the Yellowstone Gallery we are taking the time to reflect on the blessings we have been given.  We can be thankful for our friends and family, our good health, and the opportunity to live in these extraordinary times and in this special place.  So in spite of the seemingly impossible tasks that lie ahead and the daunting challenges we are all facing, let's remain optimistic that we will all be able to put aside our partisan differences and as Americans, join together to overcome. 

Yes, we can!

We wish you all good health, good fortune, and happy days ahead.

These wishes extend to everyone, including our president-elect.  In the spirit of good will, and with a touch of humor, here's a special wish for the new Executive-in-Chief. I thought that the metaphor (and photo) of an old jeep bogged down in the mud was fitting for our current state of the union. But we'll get out of it...eventually. Perhaps a new driver and some helping hands are all we need.

Good Luck Barack Hussein Obama - Inauguration Day - January 20, 2009
(With Apologizes to Robert Frost)
by Jerry Kahrs / Gardiner, Montana

In this great land of milk and sweet honey
The crooks have Madoff with all of our money
The coffers are empty & we ain’t got a dime
No easy way out and no pump to prime

The butchers the bakers and broke automakers
Are all lined up with many more takers
There isn’t a map with directions to copy
But here are the keys to this run down jalopy

So start up the engine and give ‘er some gas
She’ll hiccup and groan and won’t go real fast
The road will be bumpy & the battery weak
And there’re miles to go in this beat up ol’ jeep

The paint is all peeling like meat off a bone
Yet steering is easy ‘cause all roads lead home
The journey is hard & it ain’t for the meek
But no compass is needed in this ol’ rusty heap

Just turn on the wipers to help with your vision
You’ll need to see clearly to make good decisions
Switch on the brights and push back the seats
Then check all the mirrors and listen for squeaks

If you drive past the banks the motor may cough
But don’t try to stop ‘cause the wheels may come off
Peddle to metal though the fuel tank may leak
No need to conserve now when gas is so cheap

The horn may not beep and the signs may be blurry
So slow this jeep down and try not to hurry
You’ll steer to the Left or steer to the Right
What does it matter when the goal is in sight

So pick up some hitchers who’ll help lend a hand
‘Cause we’re all headed straight to the same promised land
The road will be long and the climb very steep
But there’re miles to go before we sleep

And miles to go before we sleep


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