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Introducing Tah Madsen, Yellowstone Artist

Ever so often an artist comes along who captures our attention and awakens our interest in how art can truly imitate life. Tah Madsen is such an artist. The Yellowstone Gallery now has the honor and privilege to include Tah with our legion of incredibly talented artists who find their inspiration in Yellowstone National Park and exhibit their fine art and crafts in the Yellowstone Gallery.

The various media that Tah works in include oil on canvas, colored pencil, and rapidograph pen.  Her compositions reveal the intricate detail of a subject matter that encompasses the awesome Yellowstone landscape and its fauna and floral population.

Tah has been a productive and creative artist for years.  Now, it is our privilege to
introduce you to Tah Madsen.  You're invited to take a look at the outstanding works of this artist and be amazed at the breath and scope of her artistry.  We encourage you to be one of the first to take advantage of these special original offerings because they are one-of-a-kind.  

Click the link below Tah's portrait to go directly to the artist's page: 

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