Board of Directors

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Paradise Valley Board of Directors


Jim Bechtel


  Paradise Valley Board of Directors is not a lucky shot as it would readily seem, but certainly there had to be some elements of luck. The lighting was right and the elk & the photographer were there together at the same moment.  This photo was taken about twenty miles north of Yellowstone National Park in Paradise Valley, Montana.

  For Jim, this photograph is truly very special as he had to reach inside himself and use all the knowledge and respect he’d gained through the years for his animal friends. It was only then that the elk gave him The Gift…this very special moment which he in turn, now gives to you.

This is an Evercolor Luminage Archival Digital Print. It is of the highest quality archival process and captures the event as it occurred.

The "Paradise Valley Board of Directors" is available in two sizes with options of the photo only, or photo with museum quality double mat w/ "V" groove & brass title plaque, or matted and beautifully designed and framed by the Yellowstone Gallery in walnut with brass corners.

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- 8 x 24 - PHOTO ONLY
- 8 x 24 matted to 15 x 30
$325.00 SOLD OUT
- 8 x 24 matted to 15 x 30 - FRAMED
$525.00 SOLD OUT
- 12 x 36 - PHOTO ONLY
- 12 x 36 matted to 20 x 43
$525.00 SOLD OUT
- 12 x 36 matted to 20 x 43 - FRAMED
$850.00 SOLD OUT
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