Fullmoon Japanese Maple - 11x14

Full Name

Fullmoon Japanese Maple - 11x14


Booker Moray


A real Fullmoon Japanese Maple Leaf arrangement framed only available in a green distressed frame with a gold lip (not pictured) Each leaf is hand-treated to reveal its inner lacy design & then double matted and arranged in a beautiful shadowbox frame chosen for its quiet elegance & enhancement of the leaf's complex natural pattern. All frames have an easel back and hanger and can be displayed or hung vertically or horizontally. Frames shown are light bird's eye maple and black laquer. However, the only one left is beautifully framed in a distressed green frame with a gold lip.

11x14 Fullmoon Japanese Maple in Green Bird’s Eye Maple Frame - by Booker Moray
11x14 Fullmoon Japanese Maple in Black Frame - by Booker Moray




- Green Distressed Frame
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