Buffalo Fetish White Crackle

Full Name

Buffalo Fetish White Crackle Glaze approx. 3"L x 1"W x 2" H


Ruth Apter


This raku-fired fetish is handcrafted by Ruth Apter in a white crackle glaze.

The white buffalo is considered sacred by many Native American Indians
. It is said that a white buffalo appeared in the form of a woman who wore white hides. One man was respectful toward her, and the other was not. The one who was not was turned into a pile of bones. She gave the respectful brave a pipe and taught him special music. She also taught him various rituals and said that she would someday return in an era of peace. 

The Bison, or the American Buffalo as it is more commonly known, is also a totem of prayer and abundance.

Handmade and raku-fired this small buffalo is a unique small sculpture inspired by Native American Indian fetishes and Inuit art

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