New Alpha Male Yellowstone Wolves

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New Alpha Male Yellowstone Wolves Limited Edition Print 18" x 21.75" Image Size


Todd Fredericksen


During the winter of 1998 Wolf #21 made a bold attempt to join the Druid Peak Pack as its new leader (Alpha Male) after the former lead male, Wolf #38 was killed by a poacher just outside the Yellowstone National Park boundary when the Druid Pack wandered outside their protected sanctuary of the Park. Upon their return, without their male leader, Wolf #21 was waiting in the wings. #21 patiently postured and presented himself to the female pack Druid leaders (Wolf #40 and Wolf #41). Then after nearly 6 hours of howling, approaching, and retreating, Wolf #21 was eventually accepted by the other Druids and quickly assumed the mantle of "New Alpha Male".

The entire sequence was captured by acclaimed Gardiner Montana cinematographer Bob Landis for a National Geographic Special, "The Return of the Wolf."

Landis commissioned Gardiner artist, Todd Fredericksen to paint the scene that captures this special moment.

The scene Fredericksen has created puts Wolf 21 with all his confident demeanor, tail held high, in the cottonwood groves by the Lamar River. He is approached by Wolf 40, the gray alpha female and future mate of Wolf 21's, who engages him with a classic play bow. Standing just a step away and watching with her raccoon eyes is Wolf 42, the beta female and also a future mate of Wolf 21's. The image further captures the mood of the scene with the remainder of the pack running and playing in excitement. Large, downy flakes of falling snow complete the magical atmosphere in which this amazing encounter took place.

This special  moment has been created as a limited edition of on 300 signed and numbered prints. Order yours today before the edition sells out and capture a moment of Yellowstone Wolf History!





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