Golden Glory

Full Name

Golden Glory - Palomino Horses


Nancy Glazier


This is the first time Nancy has painted the Palomino horse. The creative process with GOLDEN GLORY involved research through the sketching and composing to creating the most supportive background with just the right quality of light.  As usual Nancy took time and exhibited tremendous patience and focus until she got it "just right.".

The results reveal a stunning composition that expresses the beauty and personality of the horses. The gold and silver colorations of mature Palominos may be typical, but the foal's tawny color is subject to change as it matures. Will it take on a soft golden tone (like that of the mare's, in the center)?  Or perhaps it will change to more silvery colors like the filly. Or it may even stay dark and velvety. Time will tell.

Nancy's opinion: "I have the impression that this comfortable looking golden mare has produced many fine foals - that she is a "gold-maker". She is the GOLDEN GLORY...a valuable asset...a treasure, a gift to mankind." - Nancy Glazier

This fine artwork is available as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print on paper or Giclee on Canvas.





- Giclee on Canvas 14 1/2 x 24 1/2 ed. 250
- Signed & Numbered Ltd. Ed. Print on Paper 14 1/2 x 24 1/2 Ed. 950
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