The Hidden Valley

Full Name

The Hidden Valley Yellowstone Buffalo


Nancy Glazier


The Hidden Valley is a signed and numbered 16 1/2' x 34" limited edition print on paper by Nancy Glazier ~ The American Bison, commonly called a buffalo, is one of Glazier’s favorite subjects. Glazier paints them grazing at dawn just as the sun peeps over a hill and lights part of the valley floor. Sunlight plays off the steam rising from the buffalo in the chill of early morning. The deep valley, surrounding hills and virtually no sky give the painting an unusual feel – one of total seclusion and peace. When the artist completed the painting and was driving through Nevada to ship it to the publisher, she and her husband were trying to settle on a name. Just as they reached the top of a hill, her husband suggested The Hidden Valley. And suddenly, they saw a sign for the next exit from the highway. It was the Hidden Valley exit. And so the title was decided.

This popular print was issued in 2004 and sold out immediately.  The Yellowstone Gallery has just one in inventory to be sold to the first taker.  Don't hesitate if you wish to own this incredible work of art because the price is still climbing.  This is #318 in an edition of only 750 at a very competitive secondary market price.  Guaranteed mint condition with Certificate of Authenticity.  Shipped securely in a flat box/insured.





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