Morning Glory Pool

Full Name

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park


Tah Madsen


Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park is a 10" x 12" original oil on stretched canvas by Yellowstone resident artist, Tah Madsen. This beautiful painting illustrates one of Yellowstone Park's most popular and colorful thermal features. Morning Glory Pool is located in the Old Faithful area and can be reached by boardwalk. Anyone who has ever seen this spring walks away awe struck.  In the words of Dr. Ferdinand Hayden, "Nothing ever conceived by human art could equal the peculiar vividness and delicacy of coloring of these remarkable prismatic springs...Life becomes a priviledge and a blessing after one has seen and thoroughly felt these incomparable types of nature's cunning skill."

At one time Morning Glory  Pool was completely blue, but due to partial clogging of the vent, the temperatures have cooled and algae has grown producing the yellowish colors. With apologies to Dr. Hayden, in our humble opinion, Tah's outstanding artistry has succeeded  in capturing all the subtle beauty, color, and essence of this famous Yellowstone feature in a painting that will add grace and elegance to any decor.





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