Lookout Tower - Wolves

Full Name

Lookout Tower - Wolves Signed and Numbered Limited Edition


Carl Brenders


Wolf enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this spectacular rendering by master of Realism, Carl Brenders. In Lookout Tower - Wolves, the artist skillfully depicts a pack of wolves surveying their domain - probably somewhere in Yellowstone National Park - in explicit detail, a Carl Brenders trademark. What a beautiful composition!

This amazing work of art is available in two formats:
1) A Signed & Numbered 30 3/4" x 22 3/4" Limited Edition Lithograph on Paper in an Edition of 950, unframed or framed as shown.
2) A Signed & Numbered 32" x 43" Canvas Giclee Limited Edition in an Edition of 350.

                       In order to appreciate the incredible detail of this piece, please
                                         Click on the picture below for a larger image
                                              And order now before editions sell out!

Lookout Tower, unframed
Lookout Tower, framed




- Signed & Numbered Canvas Giclee
$1295.00 SOLD OUT
- Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Print on Paper
$195.00 SOLD OUT
- Framed
$675.00 SOLD OUT
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