Model T Cowboy

Full Name

Model T Cowboy


Elenor Graff


This is an authentic Model T door with an original design of the American Cowboy. A fused glass of brown and tans recreate the look of leather in the cowboy's hat and the car seat. The background is a light blue iridescent baroque glass. Size is 48x32.
There is a series of "Cowboy Doors:"
"M" a Montana Cowgirl with braided blond hair and a silver and turquoise earring. SOLD
"Sage" is a yellow lab sitting patiently in the car waiting for his master to return.
You may also commission a "Cowboy Door" and the artist is happy to put you or your dog in the driver's seat!
"RIDING IN CARS WITH DOGS" Cowgirl riding with her lab, window half down. Cowgirl has a sterling silver hairclip with turquoise in her ponytail and a sterling silver earring.
"Me and GRAMPS at

Motel T Cowboy




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