Grizzly Bear Earrings small

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Grizzly Bear Earrings Small


Lois Linn


The Montana grizzly bear sterling silver earrings have gold spirals and a semi-precious stone cabachon. The artist, Lois Linn, says it reminds her of the wilderness surrounding her mountain studio in Montana grizzly bear country. She begins with a sheet of sterling silver and saws out the bear design. Then a 12 karat gold filled spiral and a cabachon of a semi-precious stone is soldered on. Lois' finishes the piece with a unique gold and green patina and a jewelry sealer for easy care finish. The pin stem, hinge and catch are stainless steel.

The bear is a powerful spirit guide leading to one's inner wisdom and is also an ancient symbol of healing and maternal protection.\

Size: 3/4"

Small Grizzly Bear Earrings




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