Wolf Paw

Full Name

Wolf Paw w/ Yellowstones Landscapes


Elenor Graff


This original art glass, by Elenor Graff, is a wolf paw print with the wolf's pads depicting 5 iconic scenes of Yellowstone.
The 1st pad is Yellowstone's famous petrified tree and the artist re-created it here with a beautiful piece of petrified wood.
The 2nd pad is Old Faithful geyser in it's glory.
The 3rd pad is the Obsidian Cliffs and the artist re-created the cliffs with authentic black and the rare red obsidian.
The 4rd pad is Yellowstone's Upper Falls and the Grand Canyon view.
The 5th and largest pad is an American Bald Eagle watching over our 1st national park...Yellowstone!




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