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Choir Practice

Portrait of a bull elk bugling.

Clearing Storm, Lamar Valley, Wyoming.

Southeastern view, moments before sunset, in northeastern Yellowstone National Park late June. Osborne Russell, one of the earliest trappers...

Cottonwood - 11 x 14

A real Cottonwood leaf arrangement. This arrangement is available only in a green distressed frame with a gold lip....

Cottonwood - 8x10

A real Cottonwood leaf arrangement. Each leaf is hand-treated to reveal its inner lacy design & then double matted...


A cute black bear cub in its habitat.

Dance Of The Sandhills

The beautiful mating dance of Sandhill Cranes is a sight to behold.

Dawn, Mt. Republic, Absaroka - Beartooth Range, Montana.

1993 was the coldest and wettest summer ever recorded throughout Montana. This image was photographed just after sunrise on the...


The depiction of Wild Horses are one of Nancy Glazier's specialties. This is a 9x12 stretched canvas print reproduced...

Druid Peak, Lamar Valley, Wyoming.

Photographed in the northeast quadrant of Yellowstone National Park on the southern periphery of the Beartooth Mountains. Late September, moments...

East Fork Elk

A royal bull elk looks over his harem.

Edge Of The Forest

From the shadows of the forest, a royal elk's bugle can be heard.

Elk At The Yellowstone

Bull Elk dominate the Yellowstone landscape in the Fall.
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