Bison (American Buffalo)

Bison, commonly known as the American Buffalo, once freely ranged the North American Continent. Considered sacred and essential by the indigenous people of America, the bison continues to exist in relatively small numbers (Once There Were Millions) due to their own tenacity and because of the foresight and diligence of conservationists. Yellowstone National Park provides the habitat and sanctuary for the largest numbers of free ranging American Buffalo in the world today. Long may they roam!

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Buffalo All Around

Look closely There are Buffalo All Around us and among us. Two buffalo are embossed in the paper in the...

Buffalo Belt Buckle

This highly detailed Buffalo (Bison) Belt Buckle is an original antler cast that is hand-made in the USA and...

Buffalo Dancing Moon

"Buffalo Dancing Moon" depicts a Native American ceremonial dancer and is 16 x 12 matted embossed lithograph by Blackfeet artist...

Buffalo Dreams

An Indian teepee is surrounded by buffalo dreams as represented by the buffalo embossed in the paper. This is...

Buffalo Fetish Shiny Copper

A Raku fired buffalo fetish in a shiny copper glaze by raku specialist potter Ruth Apter.

Buffalo Head 3-D

An ultra realistic buffalo head in bronze is available as a pin or pendant. Pendant is strung with a...

Buffalo Head Tack/Pin

These highly detailed Bison (Buffalo)  Pins/Tacks are original antler castings that are hand-made in the USA and hand-painted by master...

Buffalo Message

Two running buffalo are embossed above with two debossed below. This 12 x 16 matted limited edition lithograph is...

Buffalo on Turkey Feather

This is a unique original oil painting of a Buffalo on a Wild Turkey Feather by Montana artist, Vonnie Nuthak....

Buffalo Running

A bronze running buffalo pin, pendant and earring set. Pin and pendant are available in white or "traditional". ...

Buffalo Snowscape

A solitary bull bison leaves a furrow as he makes his way through the pristine snowscape of mid-winter Yellowstone.

Buffalo Water Sound

A frost-embellished bull bison pauses at the edge of the Yellowstone River early on a misty morning in late October....
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