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This dynamic photo on slate features a herd of bison moving across the Yellowstone landscape. This beautiful photo has been...

Bison in Winter at Castle Geyser

These bison were photographed by Tom Murphy in the Upper Geyser Basin. Castle Geyser is erupting in the background as...

Bison Soaking Heat at Thermal Area

One cold January morning Tom Murphy captured these two bison bulls who stood for several hours soaking up the heat...

Black Bear Cub Smelling Flowers

This adorable black bear, Ursus Americanus, is a color photograph taken in Yellowstone by Montana photographer Tom Murphy

Black Bear Eating

The Black Bear, 'Ursos americanus', gorge themselves in the fall in preparation for winter hibernation. This bear was feeding on...

Black Bear Standing

The Black Bear, 'Ursos americanus', feeds mainly on a vegetarian diet, but will occasionally eat a young calf or fawn,...

Black Pool

This Archival Pigment Print is available in 3 different sizes. Perched on the edge of Yellowstone Lake in the...

Board of Directors

  Paradise Valley Board of Directors is not a lucky shot as it would readily seem, but certainly there had...

Buffalo at Dawn, Lamar River, Wyoming.

Early September, just after sunrise. Morning mist, combined with haze and smoke from upwind forest fires, diffuses and softens the...

Buffalo Snowscape

A solitary bull bison leaves a furrow as he makes his way through the pristine snowscape of mid-winter Yellowstone.

Buffalo Water Sound

A frost-embellished bull bison pauses at the edge of the Yellowstone River early on a misty morning in late October....

Buffalo, Lamar River, Wyoming.

A solitary buffalo moments before sundown in late September. Osborne Russel, one of the earliest trappers to visit Yellowstone,...
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