Shlomo Shuval

Shlomo Shuval is a self-taught artist and an inventor who has been working in the arts since 1979.

He has worked in various mediums and has established several production studios. Shlomo came to California in 1990, and after several years of experimentation discovered the unique process for creating photographic images on slate.

Using this process, the slate images appear to be engraved in the rock itself.  Since the contour and shading of every slate frame is different, each image is unique.  A piece of the American landscape or animal comes alive on the slate medium.

These beautiful framed images are an ideal, affordable home or office décor.   The slate pictures are created by a permanent, silkscreen like process.   These slates are a safe, "green" item since no photochemicals or toxins are used in any aspect of the process.  Slates can be hung on the wall or stood on a sturdy metal stand that is provided with each piece. 

We guarantee that the image will not peal or fade - even when exposed to direct sunlight!


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Grand Teton Mountains

The sun rises on Grand Teton National Park. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to a slate medium by...

Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl of Yellowstone has a wingspan of 4 feet, binocular vision and pinpoint hearing. This beautiful photo...

Hummingbird on Flower

The hummingbird is the only bird who can fly backwards and flap his wings up to 90 times per second....
Kissing Moose Photo on Slate

Kissing Moose

This photo shows two moose, a bull and a cow, "kissing".  The image has been permanently printed on slate with...


The elusive bull moose forages a pond in Yellowstone. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to a slate medium...
Rainbow Trout photo on slate

Rainbow Trout

This colorful image of a Rainbow Trout has been permanently printed on slate with a slate frame outside dimension of...

Roosevelt Arch

The historical Roosevelt Arch is located in Gardiner, Montana at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. A herd...
Roosevelt Arch Bison

Roosevelt Arch and Bison

American Bison grazing in the shadow of Roosevelt Arch in Yellowstone. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to a...

Running Wolves

This photograph on slate shows two Yellowstone wolves on a run (in play or running in pursuit of their prey?)...

Teddy Roosevelt

"Yellowstone Park is absolutely unique in the world..It was created and now administered for the benefit and enjoyment of the...

Three Elk in Snow

After the rut, bull elk gather for the long cold Yellowstone winter. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to...
Yellowstone Bison Panoramic 7 5/8 x 14 1/4

Yellowstone Bison

A frosty Yellowstone bull bison is strong and stalwart facing all those that come into his territory. This beautiful photo...
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