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Twilight Fisherman, Lamar River, Wyoming.

View toward the northwest after sunset. The Lamar Valley, in the northeastern quadrant of Yellowstone National Park, is on the...

Twilight Storm, Pilot and Index Peaks, Wyoming.

According to some authorities this is the only known photograph of a rare ground to air strike other than those...

Western Tanager

White Wolf Alpha F

This light colored gray wolf, 'Canis lupus', is the alpha female of a pack that resides in Hayden Valley of...

Wild Bison Stampede

The American Bison, also known as the American Buffalo, is the true symbol of the American West. In the winter...

Wild Rose on Fence Posts

Wood Duck

The Wood Duck, 'Aix sponsa',is one of the most colorful water birds of North America. It lives in the southern...

Yellowstone Bison

A frosty Yellowstone bull bison is strong and stalwart facing all those that come into his territory. This beautiful photo...

Yellowstone Grizzly

The Grizzly Bear, 'Ursos arctos', recognized by its shoulder hump and dish shaped face, can weigh over a thousand pounds....

Yellowstone River in October,

Evening view in early September view toward the south. Named by early settlers for its relatively warm climate and...

Yellowstone River, Wyoming.

Early Morning in the Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park. Early September. View towards the northwest.
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