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Northwood's Monarch

The largest of the ungulates, bull moose are indeed the Monarch of the Northwoods.

Once There Were Millions

The title of this artwork says it all: "Once There Were Millions" of bison, commonly known as the American...

Other Bears

Other Bears to ponder...

R & R

Elk in repose.

Spring Marsh

A familiar scene of a cluster of Yellows-headed Blackbirds gathered in the marsh.

The Mystic Forest

Ravens & bears share the spotlight & enchant us with their presence in the mystic forest

The Plainsman

The North American Buffalo - monarch of the Plains.

There's A Bear In There

From behind the thicket, a bear emerges.

There's Got To Be A Moose In Here Somewhere

A typical Moose habitat compels one to look. Can you see a moose in there somewhere?

Three Buglers, Elk

Three royal bull elk let out the call of the wild.

Tribute, Elk

Paying tribute to the magestic bull elk.

Western Plains

The horse is synonymous with The Western Plains. The artist captures all the wild beauty and power of this...
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