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Grizzlies In The Sun

Grizzly Bears facing and fading in the sun.

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone River.

Early September, late afternoon, view toward the northeast. Centrally located in Yellowstone National Park, this broad valley’s meadows were filled...

Hey Wait, Where Ya Goin'

Bison departing the scene.

Hi, Moose

A Cow Moose greets her mate.

Holsteins & Pinto

Patterns of cows and ponies intertwine.

Homage, Grizzly Bear

A homage to the Great Bear.

I Didn't Scratch The Tree

A Black Bear cub caught in the act.

If You Watch A Bear For Awhile

If you watch a bear for awhile, what will it teach you?

If You Watch The Ravens For Awhile

The Raven will reveal much if only we watch for a while.

In The Mountains, Elk

The Bull Elk is King in the mountains.

In Wildness, Wolves

The North American Grey Wolf defines WILDNESS.

Lamar River at Sundown, Wyoming.

Middle of August in northeastern Yellowstone National Park. View toward the southeast. Early heavy frosts are evidenced by the golden...
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