Ilfochrome Photography by Carter Gowl

About ILFOCHROME: Regarded as a difficult medium to master and considered by many to represent the state of the art, the ILFOCHROME process is especially noted for brilliant, saturated colors, with excellent color separation and hue rendition. ILFOCHROME also has excellent light fading resistance and archival stability. Each photograph is meticulously hand-printed by the photographer without color filtration or other technical manipulation to alter or enhance the image from what the eye perceived.

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Sunset, Pilot and Index Peaks, Absaroka Range, Wyoming.

Photographed in late September view toward the west. Pilot Peak, the glacier carved horn peak, is 11,708 feet elevation...

Sunset, Rough Lake, Beartooth Mountains, Montana.

Elevation: 10,160 ft. Twilight storm clearing. No color filtration used in this photograph taken six weeks after the June...

Third Meadow at Dusk, Slough Creek, Montana/Wyoming.

North view in late evening from the lower Third Meadow of Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Alpenglow illuminates...

Third Meadow, Slough Creek, Montana

Photographed in early evening, during July, near the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park where Slough Creek flows south...

Tom Miner Basin, Montana, October.

View towards the southeast in early October late afternoon.

Twilight Fisherman, Lamar River, Wyoming.

View toward the northwest after sunset. The Lamar Valley, in the northeastern quadrant of Yellowstone National Park, is on the...

Twilight Storm, Pilot and Index Peaks, Wyoming.

According to some authorities this is the only known photograph of a rare ground to air strike other than those...

Yellowstone River in October,

Evening view in early September view toward the south. Named by early settlers for its relatively warm climate and...

Yellowstone River, Wyoming.

Early Morning in the Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park. Early September. View towards the northwest.
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