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Hummingbird on Flower

The hummingbird is the only bird who can fly backwards and flap his wings up to 90 times per second....

Indian Encampment

A Native American camp high in the Rockies. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to a slate medium by...

Joyous Flight

The Bald Eagle, 'Haliaeetus leucocephalus', is our national symbol. Nothing can be more inspiring to witness one of these majestic...

Kissing Moose

This photo shows two moose, a bull and a cow, "kissing".  The image has been permanently printed on slate with...

Lake Yellowstone Bison

A solitary bull buffalo overlooks Yellowstone Lake beneath scudding clouds on a cold morning in mid-November. Hot spring steam rises...

Lamar River at Sundown, Wyoming.

Middle of August in northeastern Yellowstone National Park. View toward the southeast. Early heavy frosts are evidenced by the golden...

Lamar River Bison

Yellowstone Bison cross the river in Lamar Valley with the Absaroka mountain range in the background.

Lamar Valley Rainbow

Beautiful Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park offers wonderful scenes such as this.

Lower Falls

The Lower Yellowstone Falls of Yellowstone National Park plunge 308 feet and are found in the Canyon area. Iron Oxides...

Lower Falls

Viewed from the trail to Artist Point, late afternoon light washes across the top of the Lower Falls of the...

Lower Falls Frosty Morning

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone plunges 307 feet to the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Steve...

Macho Bull Buffalo

A Yellowstone buffalo bull pauses in a driving autumn snowstorm amid the seed heads of sun-cured grasses. His left rear...
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