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Tribute, Elk

Paying tribute to the magestic bull elk.

Twilight Fisherman, Lamar River, Wyoming.

View toward the northwest after sunset. The Lamar Valley, in the northeastern quadrant of Yellowstone National Park, is on the...

Twilight Storm, Pilot and Index Peaks, Wyoming.

According to some authorities this is the only known photograph of a rare ground to air strike other than those...

Welcome the Dawn

Wild Horses welcome the dawn. this is a 9x12 stretched canvas print reproduced from the original oil painting and...

Western Plains

The horse is synonymous with The Western Plains. The artist captures all the wild beauty and power of this...

Western Plains 1

A Herd of Horses on the Western Plains.

White Oak - 8x10

A real White Oak leaf arrangement. Each leaf is hand-treated to reveal its inner lacy design & then double...

Who's Back There⟩

A Black Bear peers from the aspen grove.

Yellowstone River in October,

Evening view in early September view toward the south. Named by early settlers for its relatively warm climate and...

Yellowstone River, Wyoming.

Early Morning in the Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park. Early September. View towards the northwest.
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