King Kuka

King Kuka's unique style of painting and sculpting captures the spirituality of his rich Native American, Blackfeet heritage. King Kuka's art, know as kukagraphs,  is the result of a creative process that preserves part of a great culture; a culture that's now sprouting new growth after years of oppression. The artist's purpose is to involve you the viewer, so that you may enter another world or time. Perhaps you'll make a connection and gain an understanding to a different way of life.


King Kuka was born and raised on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. Creating art was the spiritual essence of King's life. During the early years of his life King suffered from poverty and many other challenges of life on the reservation. However, a strong creative mind rose up to meet these challenges. After many spirit quests King Kuka was able to find his creative spirit. He believed in dreams, the vision kind, and also in the invisible voices that sustained him during these difficult times.

Through it all King Kuka remained dedicated to his art, his people, and his family. His supportive wife, Marietta, worked side by side with him, and five of his seven children were also active in the arts as well.

His embossed lithographs are called Kukagraphs - a printing process he developed and perfected.

Sadly, King Kuka passed away in December, 2003. His legacy, however, lives on through his creative spirit as represented in his unique "Kukagraphs" that are offered here. Fortunately, some of these beautiful and ethereal embossed lithographs have survived his passing.

"His artistry is a testimony to the resilence of the human spirit and a lesson to the commonality of all peoples."
Dr. Cheryl Reichert, Collector

King's own words probably express the magic and mystery of his creative expressions:

"Paintings are made with tools and our experiences, but art is made with our heart."
King Kuka, Oct., 1993

And, In Memorium...

"I will send my heart with the eagle carried on winds of trust to be blessed by the Sun and baptized in rain beneath nature's rainbow alter."

King Kuka, Dec., 1991
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Among the Aspen

Among the Aspen

Among the Aspen is a beautiful 12 x 10 matted original lithograph by Blackfeet artist King Kuka. Click on the image...
Ancient Stories

Ancient Stories

"Ancient Stories" is a visionary piece of horses 20 X 12.5 matted embossed lithograph by Blackfeet artist King Kuka. King Kuka...
Another Nez Perse Story

Another Nez Perce Story

This colorful embossed lithograph shows a Nez Perce horse  in a 9 x 10 size by Blackfeet artist King Kuka. King...
Bear Shield

Bear Shield

This "Bear Shield"   is a 19 x 12 matted lithograph by  Blackfeet artist King Kuka.  Native Americans create "Shields" to...
Beneath the Moon

Beneath the Moon

"Beneath the Moon is a 12 x 10 matted embossed lithograph by Blackfeet artist King Kuka. King Kuka coined the term...
Buffalo All Around, ltd ed - by King Kuka

Buffalo All Around

Look closely There are Buffalo All Around us and among us. Two buffalo are embossed in the paper in the...
Buffalo Dancing Moon

Buffalo Dancing Moon

"Buffalo Dancing Moon" depicts a Native American ceremonial dancer and is 16 x 12 matted embossed lithograph by Blackfeet artist...
Buffalo Dreams, ltd ed - by King Kuka

Buffalo Dreams

An Indian teepee is surrounded by buffalo dreams as represented by the buffalo embossed in the paper. This is...
Buffalo Message - by King Kuka

Buffalo Message

Two running buffalo are embossed above with two debossed below. This 12 x 16 matted limited edition lithograph is...
Calling Buffalo Dance by King Kuka

Calling Buffalo Dance

An Indian dancer's call to the Buffalo. A buffalo is embossed in the paper. Available as an 8...
Charging Bull

Charging Bull

"Charging Bull"  is a 10 x 7.5 matted embossed lithograph by Blackfeet artist King Kuka. King Kuka coined the term "Kuka-graph"...
Eagle Speaker Woman, ltd ed - by King Kuka

Eagle Speaker Woman

The Eagle Speaker Woman is draped in an eagle shaped robe with embossments of an eagle, horse, and feathers in...
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