Thom and Kim Norby

This beautifully decorated porcelain is hand-thrown on a potter's wheel by Kim Norby and individually airbrushed and glazed by her husband, Thom. Their custom designed Mountain Mist pieces are unique - no two are exactly alike. The Norbys have recently introduced an Impressions Line of pottery which duplicates a particular design.

Norby pottery is functional, decorative, and collectible. All pieces are handcrafted and all wildlife and landscape designs are original. All pieces are fired to over 2300 degrees and are lead-free and safe for use with all foods. They can be used as serving dishes, in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher.


Thom and Kim Norby are former Montana residents who now make their home in Wyoming.

Thom and Kim both attended the University of Montana where they met in the ceramics department. Thomas graduated with a BFA in painting in1975; Kim focused on drawing and wheel-thrown clay.

Kim is a native of Rapid City, SD. She is influenced by Scandinavian designs,her love for the Black Hills and arctic landscapes. She has a great gift for linear drawing and free flow design; making pots that are aesthetically rich as well as functional are important to her.

Thomas grew up in the eastern Montana town of Sidney where the nearby Yellowstone River flows. He discovered ancient buffalo skulls, agates,stone artifacts and pottery shards along this river which established his interest in western history and nature. Along with clay works he enjoys stone sculpture and retains a passion for painting and design.

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Crystalline Platter with a Wolf and Moose

Crystalline 12" Platter

This beautiful 12" square porcelain platter depicts a wolf and moose in a mountain setting presented in a stunning crystalline...
Crystalline 7x7

Crystalline Plate 7"x7"

A beautiful 7"x7" square platter in crystalline glaze depicts 2 pine trees.
Crystalline Platter with Bison & Teepees

Crystalline Platter w/Bison & Teepees

A beautiful 10" square platter in a stunning crystalline glaze depicts 2 bison with 2 teepees in the background. Handcrafted by...
Crystalline Platter with Elk

Crystalline Platter w/Elk

A beautiful rectangular platter in a stunning crystalline glaze shows a bull elk bugling. 6&1/2" X 10&1/2" Handcrafted by Kim & Thom...
Crystalline Rectanguler Platter with Bison

Crystalline Rectangular Platter w/Bison

A beautiful rectangular platter in crystalline glaze depicts an American Bison grazing. 6&1/2" X 10&1/2" Handcrafted by Kim & Thom Norby, this...
Crystalline Rectangular Platter with Wolves

Crystalline Rectangular Platter Wolves

A beautiful rectangular porcelain platter in crystalline glaze depicts 2 wolves running through the mountains and trees. 6 1/2" X 10&1/2"  Handcrafted...
Crystalline 10

Crystalline Square Plate 10"

A beautiful 10" square plate in crystalline glaze depicts birds in flight. Handcrafted by Kim & Thom Norby, this exquisite pottery...
Jesus crystalline plate

Crystalline Square Plate w/Jesus

This beautiful 7" square porcelain platter is  presented in a stunning crystalline glaze that has an image of Jesus hidden...

Extra Large Flared Bowl

Serving bowls are flared out so the imagery that Thom airbrushes on both interior and exterior surfaces can be seen....

Fluted Large Pie or Quiche Plate

Large fluted pie dish is 10" in diameter with airbrushed wildlife image by Thom Norby.  Mountain Mist designs are unique. ...

Hurricane Lamp Bear

This hurricane oil lamp was hand-thrown by Kim Norby then airbrushed and glazed by her husband Thom Norby.  No...

Impressions - 12.5" Platter

Handcrafted porcelain platter with grizzly bear design. Safe for food, microwave, and dishwasher.
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