Mary Roberson

Mary Roberson
Mary Roberson's star is rising. Her impressionistic renderings compel the view to look deeply into her compositions to see what's revealed behind the surface.


Mary Roberson

Mary Roberson is an exciting newly acclaimed artist from the Idaho Rocky Mountains. A painter of wildlife who captures a special spirit of the West, Mary paints a variety of grand animals and scenic landscapes she finds in and around her Idaho home and Yellowstone National Park.
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A Pair of Bears - by Mary Roberson

A Pair of Bears

Two black bears, mom and her cub hugging a tree.
Afternoon - by Mary Roberson


A solitary buffalo at rest.
Almost a Dozen - by Mary Roberson

Almost A Dozen

Look closely and see how many moose you're able to count.
Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Omega - by Mary Roberson

Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Omega

The hierarchy of wolves.
Bear in Mind - by Mary Roberson

Bear In Mind

A bevy of bears for your mind to ponder.
Buckeye - by Mary Roberson


A beautiful mule deer buck looking at you, the viewer, from behind a wall of aspens.
Choir Practice - by Mary Roberson

Choir Practice

Portrait of a bull elk bugling.
Cub - by Mary Roberson


A cute black bear cub in its habitat.
Dance of the Sandhills - by Mary Roberson

Dance Of The Sandhills

The beautiful mating dance of Sandhill Cranes is a sight to behold.
East Fork Elk - by Mary Roberson

East Fork Elk

A royal bull elk looks over his harem.
Edge of the Forest - by Mary Roberson

Edge Of The Forest

From the shadows of the forest, a royal elk's bugle can be heard.
Elk at Yellowstone - by Mary Roberson

Elk At The Yellowstone

Bull Elk dominate the Yellowstone landscape in the Fall.
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