Steven Fuller

Steven Fuller's photography is in a class by itself. For the past thirty-plus years Fuller has lived and worked as a winterkeeper at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The life and breath of Yellowstone National Park are evident in the tens of thousands of remarkable photos he has captured during that time.

 A Steven Fuller wildlife or landscape photo will take you on a timeless journey to one of earth's greatest natural treasures - the Yellowstone National Park.


Steven Fuller received his education at Antioch College, USA; at the University of Leeds, UK (history, modern Chinese); and at the University of Besancon in France (language). Steve has traveled and lived for extended periods in many parts of North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In September of 1992 he visited the geothermal and bear preserves of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Siberia. Over the years, Steven has been involved in a diversity of employment. As a student, he sold photographic equipment in New York City, worked for the Associated Press in the Senate press gallery in Washington, D.C., as an operating room technician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and on a Bureau of Public Roads survey crew near Taos, New Mexico. Later, he held a variety of other employments in different places in the world. Notably, he was headmaster of a Shite Muslim Indian School in Kampala, Uganda. Later, Steven was a chief muralist at Stone's Photoreprographics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’s also worked in a saw mill in rural Montana prior to his 30 year experience as winterkeeper in the heart of Yellowstone National Park.

Steve was the recipient of the prestigious "International Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award" in 1980 for his stunning photo of "Garish Moose, Yellowstone Lake."

On November 23, 1992, Steven gave a lecture on Yellowstone before an audience of 650 members of the Royal Geographical Society in London, England. The Society’s list of speakers for the autumn series, the series in which the lecture was included, featured Paul Theroux, Richard Leaky, Thor Heyerdahl, David Bellamy, and Jonathan Porritt, among others.
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Buffalo Snowscape - Steven Fuller

Buffalo Snowscape

A solitary bull bison leaves a furrow as he makes his way through the pristine snowscape of mid-winter Yellowstone.
Buffalo Water Sound - Steven Fuller

Buffalo Water Sound

A frost-embellished bull bison pauses at the edge of the Yellowstone River early on a misty morning in late October....
Bull Elk Tete-A-Tete - Steven Fuller

Bull Elk Tete-A-Tete

Two Yellowstone bull elk push and shove in knee-deep powder snow amid the sun-cured grass heads of late autumn. The...
Canyon Wall - Steven Fuller

Canyon Wall

Trees are dwarfed by the weather-sculpted turrets and spires, which embellish the walls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
Clover Elk - Steven Fuller

Clover Elk

Midsummer and the living is easy. The bull's antlers are in "velvet"-- a soft fuzzy tissue, which nourishes the growth...
Cobweb Elk - Steven Fuller

Cobweb Elk

Two bull elk graze among cobweb-festooned lodge pole pine trees. The early autumn Yellowstone morning is still cloaked in a...
Cornice Buffalo - Steven Fuller

Cornice Buffalo

Two Yellowstone buffalo bulls stand motionless atop a ridge windswept free of snow where they enjoy a brief hint of...
Coyote Snowscape - Steven Fuller

Coyote Snowscape

By mid-winter deep snow has transformed the Yellowstone landscape. On this sub-zero morning a solitary coyote makes his way along...
Dewy Meadow Bull Elk - Steven Fuller

Dewy Meadow Bull Elk

Shortly after sunrise in late summer a bull elk grazes on dew-bejeweled grasses. In each of the myriad of water...
Double Rainbow Buffalo - Steven Fuller

Double Rainbow Buffalo

A late afternoon in middle July, at the height of rainbow season on the Yellowstone plateau. In the wake of...
Dueling Foxes - Steven Fuller

Dueling Foxes

Two Foxes playfully duel on the Yellowstone Plateau.
Ephemeral Reflections - Steven Fuller

Ephemeral Reflections, Bull Elk

On the eve of his day of death a bull elk, wasted by age and the winter almost past, grazes...
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