F.J. and J.E. Haynes

Frank J. Haynes (1853 - 1921) and his son, Jack Ellis Haynes (1884 - 1962) are considered  to be photo historians of Yellowstone National Park. Their beautiful hand tinted photographs document  the early history of the Park. Prior to the advent of color photography, the Haynes Studios of Yellowstone National Park and St. Paul, MN perfected the process of hand coloring the black and white photos of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These original works are now coveted by collectors worldwide.


Frank J. Haynes, or F.J. Haynes was known as the ‘Official Park Photographer’ and was originally employed by the Northern Pacific RR in 1875 to take pictures along their route from Minnesota to the West Coast for advertising and promotional purposes. He was born Oct. 28, 1853 in Saline Michigan and married Lily Verna Synder in 1878. Haynes established a photo studio in Moorhead, Minnesota in 1876 and moved it to Fargo, North Dakota in 1879. Ten years later he moved the studio to St. Paul, Minnesota where it was maintained for many years. In 1884 he obtained leases for 4 acres at both Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park, where he opened his first photo shop in 1884. His son Jack Ellis (J.E. Haynes) was also born that year. Frank eventually operated photo shops at all major locations in Yellowstone Park. In December of 1885, he joined up with George Wakefield to form the Wakefield & Haynes Stage Co. The concern was short-lived and Haynes sold out in June 1886, but Wakefield continued the operation for several more years in the park as Wakefield Stage Lines. Haynes was a part of the Schwatka winter expedition in 1887 and took the 1st winter pictures of the Park. He and two others finished the trek after Schwatka got sick and turned back. The Haynes Guidebook was first published in 1890 and continued almost yearly until 1966. In 1900 he produced his first set of ‘picture post cards’, and went on over the years producing tens of thousands of these cards, stereoviews, and beautiful hand colored photographs, many of which are now collector’s items.

Jack Ellis Haynes took over the photo business when his father retired in 1916. In 1930 he married Isabel Haynes and they made their home in Bozeman, Montana. Due to their dedication to their works in the Park, Jack became known as "Mr. Yellowstone." After his death in 1962, Isabel continued to operate the photo shops in Yellowstone until 1967 when the businesses were sold to Hamilton Stores. At that time there were 13 Haynes Photo shops in the Park.
Lower Falls from Below Yellowstone Park

Lower Falls from Below

This is a an original historical hand-colored photo by F.J. or J.E. Haynes, circa 1920/30's of a Yellowstone Lower Falls...
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