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Alcove Roof

Straddling the border between Arizona and Utah, the Coyote Buttes Wilderness Study Area displays some of the most amazing sculptures...

Bison at Crested Pool

Tom hiked into the thermal's at Crested Pool which boils constantly producing lot's of noise and steam. In spite of...

Bison Coated with Frost

Tom Murphy photographed this majestic bison during Yellowstone's fierce winter. Bison are built to withstand cold. Their head, shoulders and...

Board of Directors

  Paradise Valley Board of Directors is not a lucky shot as it would readily seem, but certainly there had...

Buffalo Snowscape

A solitary bull bison leaves a furrow as he makes his way through the pristine snowscape of mid-winter Yellowstone.

Buffalo Water Sound

A frost-embellished bull bison pauses at the edge of the Yellowstone River early on a misty morning in late October....

Bull Elk Tete-A-Tete

Two Yellowstone bull elk push and shove in knee-deep powder snow amid the sun-cured grass heads of late autumn. The...

Canyon Wall

Trees are dwarfed by the weather-sculpted turrets and spires, which embellish the walls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Clover Elk

Midsummer and the living is easy. The bull's antlers are in "velvet"-- a soft fuzzy tissue, which nourishes the growth...

Cobweb Elk

Two bull elk graze among cobweb-festooned lodge pole pine trees. The early autumn Yellowstone morning is still cloaked in a...

Cornice Buffalo

Two Yellowstone buffalo bulls stand motionless atop a ridge windswept free of snow where they enjoy a brief hint of...

Coyote Snowscape

By mid-winter deep snow has transformed the Yellowstone landscape. On this sub-zero morning a solitary coyote makes his way along...
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