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After Hours

A school of trout pay a visit After Hours. Available as a fine art poster and notecard.

Animal Rites

Dancing wildlife, fish, and birds celebrate Animal Rites! Available as a fine art poster and notecard.

Bear's Den

A whimsical look at grizzly bears relaxing in the Bears Den.  An ideal piece to hang in your own den,...

Bearing Witness

A grizzly bear stands and ponders the eruption of Yellowstone's most notable geyser, Old Faithful. Available as a fine...

Bears Of The World

Bear Trust International commissioned Monte Dolack to paint the variety of bears of the world including the Grizzly, Black, Kodiac,...

Cabin Fever

A new meaning for an old expression. A fisherman's dream?

Kitchen Preserve

Ducks invading and wreaking havoc in the kitchen! This whimsical rendering is part of Dolacks "Invader Series" and would...

Leave it to Beavers

A bevy of beavers with the munchies. So much for the log furniture.


(It's a Marvelous Night for a) Moondance is one of Dolack's whimisical looks at cats in the wild.

Night of the Shooting Stars

Cats and Dogs peacefully watch a shower of shooting stars.

Restoring the Wolf

Years before the re-introduction of the wolf to Yellowstone National Park, Monte Dolack released this rendition of the North American...

Wolf Dreams

Wolves dream of the easy life in Yellowstone as Old Faithful Geyser erupts in the background.
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