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Bald Eagle on Branch Bas Relief

Cavin photographed this eagle while walking on the beach. He was sitting on a low branch with the wind on...

Bare Dancing

Bare dancing with a bear...Available as a pin or pendant with black cord 2 OR 6 beaded necklace and necklace...

Bare Hug

This piece of jewelry depicts wildlife interacting with humans. Bare Hug was created to express a yearning and loneliness humankind...

Buffalo Head 3-D

An ultra realistic buffalo head in bronze is available as a pin or pendant. Pendant is strung with a...

Buffalo Running

A bronze running buffalo pin, pendant and earring set. Pin and pendant are available in white or "traditional". ...


Cavin has always loved coyotes. "I had a baby I raised when I was in my...


Handcrafted, bronze sculpture of a Dragonfly. This piece is available as a pin, or a pendant. (Pin shown).

Eagle Bas Relief

The majestic bald eagle in bas relief with colorful patinas. Available as a pin or pendant. Pendant comes...

Eagle Secondary Feather

Handcrafted, bronze work of an Eagle's secondary feather. This beautiful piece available as a pin, pendant or earrings. (Pin Shown).

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is one of the few birds that range world wide. Shown as pin, pendant on black cord,...

Grizzly Bear Sitting

Handcrafted bronze work depicting a Grizzly Bear, sitting. This exquisite piece is available in earrings, pin, pendant on black...

Grizzly Bear Walking

Cavin Richie has always been fascinated with grizzly bears. They are powerful yet graceful and mankind has been coexisting with...
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