Black Bears

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A Pair of Bears

Two black bears, mom and her cub hugging a tree.

Bare Dancing

Bare dancing with a bear...Available as a pin or pendant with black cord 2 OR 6 beaded necklace and necklace...

Bear In Mind

A bevy of bears for your mind to ponder.

Bear Napkin/Letter Holder

This handcrafted bear napkin/letter holder is cut from iron by metalworker Terry Papen then finished with colorful paints. A...

Black Bear Eating

The Black Bear, 'Ursos americanus', gorge themselves in the fall in preparation for winter hibernation. This bear was feeding on...

Black Bear Standing

The Black Bear, 'Ursos americanus', feeds mainly on a vegetarian diet, but will occasionally eat a young calf or fawn,...


A cute black bear cub in its habitat.

First Day Cover Yellowstone 1972

This National Parks Centennial Yellowstone First Day Cover with black bears and Old Faithful Geyser was canceled in Yellowstone National...

Fishing Bear in Coral Glaze

Fishing Bear in a sitting position holding a fish and is handcrafted by Ruth Apter. This unique ceramic sculpture was...

Grizzly Bear Paw Cast

This impressive cast was made from the print of a large male grizzly bear (Ursus Arctos) left in the mud...

Homage, Grizzly Bear

A homage to the Great Bear.

I Didn't Scratch The Tree

A Black Bear cub caught in the act.
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