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Beartooth Bulls

It's late winter as a bachelor herd of bull elk traverse the Yellowstone landscape with Pilot and Index Peaks of...

Board of Directors

  Paradise Valley Board of Directors is not a lucky shot as it would readily seem, but certainly there had...

Bull Elk

The Rocky Mountain Elk is descended from the European Red Deer and was given the name "Wapiti" by the Shawnee...

Bull Elk Bugling

The elk, 'Cervus elaphus', also known as wapiti, can weigh over a thousand pounds when fully grown. They are browsers-...

Bull Elk Bugling

Bull Elk Bugling is a beautiful original watercolor by Lynn Bickerton Chan that illustrates a royal six-point bull elk in...

Bull Elk Steaming

This group of elk just ran up a small hill, with their steamy breaths glistening in the morning sun. The...

Choir Practice

Portrait of a bull elk bugling.

Crystalline Platter w/Elk

A beautiful rectangular platter in a stunning crystalline glaze shows a bull elk bugling. 6&1/2" X 10&1/2" Handcrafted by Kim & Thom...

East Fork Elk

A royal bull elk looks over his harem.

Edge Of The Forest

From the shadows of the forest, a royal elk's bugle can be heard.


Yellowstone's Autumn Bull Elk in rut. This beautiful photo has been permanently transferred to a slate medium by a silkscreening...

Elk and Tree Lamp

This iron Elk and Tree Lamp is designed and handcrafted by Terry Papen. Complete with elk finial and beautiful...
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