Other Mammals

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Holsteins & Pinto

Patterns of cows and ponies intertwine.

Lab Tack/Pin

These lab dog tacks are original antler castings hand-made and hand-painted by master carver John Rasmussen. Dog lover's will cherish...

Leave it to Beavers

A bevy of beavers with the munchies. So much for the log furniture.

Otter Chasing Trout

Cavin obtained this design by photographing zoo river otters swimming underwater in their enclosure through a glass partition. He always...

Rabbit and Cottontail

Cavin carved this one 3-D. The pose is a rabbit grooming itself with it's deft paws. Shown as a pin,...


This intricate one of a kind design contains over 100 hand cut pieces. It was done in a beautiful clear...

River Otter Family

The River Otter, 'Lontra canadensis', is a playful, weasel-like carnivore that feeds on fish, turtles and crayfish. It can be...
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