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3 Heron Small Wonder

3 Heron Sculpture Actual Size – 20â€Â

American Kestrel

The American Kestrel, 'Falco sparverius', is the smallest and most common falcon of the Rockies. It can often be seen...

Autumn Heron

This original piece is a 23 piece cut bevel heron standing on a branch of fused amber/teal glass gazing into...

Beaded Hummingbird Neck Pouch

Beautiful handcrafted bead work on deer hide by Blackfeet Native American artist Jackie Larson Bread. Authentic American Indian craft...


Part of the songbird series this lovely bird shows a common behavior scratching and preening. They have specialized leg muscles...

Common Goldeneye

This Common Goldeneye, 'Bucephala clangula' was photographed in a thawed portion of a mostly frozen lake during the cold of...

Dance Of The Sandhills

The beautiful mating dance of Sandhill Cranes is a sight to behold.

Fishing Bear in Coral Glaze

Fishing Bear in a sitting position holding a fish and is handcrafted by Ruth Apter. This unique ceramic sculpture was...

Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owl of Yellowstone has a wingspan of 4 feet, binocular vision and pinpoint hearing. This beautiful photo...

Heron Amulet

This bronze amulet is handcrafted by Cavin Richie and is reversible showing a Great Blue Heron profile on one side...

Heron Bas Relief

A heron head profile in bas relief with colorful patinas. Available as a pin or pendant. Pendant comes...

Heron Flying

A graceful heron in flight. Available as a pin, pendant on black cord, earrings, 2 or 6 beaded necklace...
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